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Kimo Redhawk

Breed: Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard Dog mix Sex: Male
Details:See Below
Status: Available
Note: Very Friendly
“Kimo Redhawk , or just Kimo, was found very hungry, living behind a bowling alley in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He was mistakenly identified as a Wolfdog, which are not allowed in Sulphur Springs, and many other towns; and he was out of options. A well-known Texas Wolfdog rescue group in Texas asked Samoyed Rescue of Texas to do a Shelter Evaluation for them. It was soon determined that Kimo had no Wolfdog in him, and was 100%dog, most likely a Alaskan Malamute/German Shepard Dog mix. He’s a big boy, very, very friendly and playful. He loves attention, was just neutered, is HW-, and is completely vaccinated. He will be coming to Dallas, TX on 4/13, and we will start by removing the dozens of large burrs matted in his coat. He also has many other matted areas, and will need a lot of grooming. When we are finished, he will be a stunning boy! No, he’s not a Samoyed, but if you played with him like we did, you would quickly realize that this amazing spirit needed to be rescued!!!”

Breed: Samoyed Sex: Male
Details:See Below
Status: Available Soon
Note: Very Friendly Playful
“Kapi”, ( a Samoyed/ Nenet word meaning “a non-native inhabitant of the Samoyeds native land, in NW Siberia), is a new arrival. Kapi was on Death Roow in the Bay City, Texas Impound. This is not even a “shelter”, but only a place where dogs usually stay very briefly before being put to death. He had less than 8 hours to live. He is a stunning Samoyed/Husky mix, 45 pounds, and is very friendly. Kapi has been examined, neutered, vaccinated & microchipped. Kapi is Heartworm positive, and will soon begin Heartworm treatments while in the care of his pawsome new Medical Foster Home in Uptown Dallas.. Kapi will be available for adoption once his treatments are complete. Stay tuned………….”