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  • SRT is selling their own 2018 Calendars!

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    CURRENT HAPPENINGS !!! Fall 2017

    ANNOUNCEMENT: SRT has teamed up with HART for delivery & distribution of critically needed Hurricane Harvey relief items. Houston Animal Rescue Team- HART, is a 501c3 rescue based in Houston, (Tomball),TX. They are well connected with the Houston & SE Texas communities, and know best where the urgent needs exist.

    The majority of our donations will go to HART. This is going to be a long healing process for them, so please dont forget about them. SRT is getting some of their most needed items ready for delivery in about 2 weeks. Items not recieved, will be purchased by SRT with cash donations for HART. See previous posts for locations of SRTs Donation Stations. Cash donations can be made via PayPal at www.samoyedtexas.org

    SRT's relief effort continues for Hurricane Harvey effected areas in SE Texas. The struggle continues for our rescue friends as we continue collecting donated items to send them. HART Rescue from Houston came to "SRT Central" in October, and we completely stuffed their Chevy Suburban with high value items. Many items were requested and purchased specifically to address their needs. The bulk of the items were medicine's, preventatives, Kong's, Nylabones, chew toys, leashes, bowls, and enrichment items for many stressed pups to pass the hours.

    Only small amount of super premium, food was sent, to save room for less bulky, high value goodies. Fleas, mosquitos, & ticks have been horrible in Houston, so when our friends at San Francisco Samoyed Rescue sent a nice cash donation, we immediately used it to send a box of flea, tick, & heartworm preventatives, & de-wormers To HART.They were very excited!! Thanks to Jayne Kruse and the SFSR crew from us and HART. In an effort to maintain transparency, we've posted several pictures of boxed relief items that were purchased & donated. Thank you to everyone that donated!!!!!

    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE, Scroll down to meet our featured available dogs! (PLEASE refer to our Facebook Page for daily updates on Available Dogs, www.facebook.com/SamoyedRescueofTexas ).

  • Find us on Facebook!

    Our Facebook page is very active and is one of the most popular Samoyed Rescue pages in North America. It is updated almost daily. There you will find the most current information on Available Dogs, Informative articles and information, Samoyed stories, and sometimes just some really fun Sammy pictures!

    Click here to find us at https://www.facebook.com/SamoyedRescueofTexas»

  • Rescue Referral Program

    Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus Rescue Referral Program, all Samoyed Rescue of Texas adopters receive a coupon good for 25% off your first purchase! If you buy $200 dollars� worth of stuff, you get $50 dollars off! Aroooooooo Wooooo!!!


  • Cochise

    Cochise named after the famous Apache Chief, is 75 pounds,(eventually probably 95-100#), is an amazing, stunning, affectionate, funny, & remarkable one year old "puppy" rescued on 9/22/17 from the Brownwood Shelter. Being surrendered at the same time Hurricane Harvey was pounding Texas.

    his timing couldn't have been worse; there were few rescues able to take him at that time, and his time was up. .literally. Although not a Samoyed, we decided he could not be left to die.

    Cochise is a very unique boy. He offers a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity ofr the right home; Someone wanting a special relationship with a canine.

    His home was dealt repeated hard losses to the family, and they surrendered him in hopes of finding him a better future. Cochise was completely unsocialized, and was never trained, or was ever able to learn his "puppy manners". He's a mix of primarily German Shepard Dog, Alaskan Malamute, & Husky,with an interesting heritage and background. He has the absolute sweetest and happiest disposition.

    He is always happy and playful, but is extremely strong and determined. A firm hand with training experience will be required. Cochise has been evaluated by Nelson Hodges, Canine Behaviorist/Ethologist, IACP. Mr. Hodges was very impressed with his intelligence and positive temperament. After five weeks of "Play time" at a Dallas Dog Daycare/Boarding facility, he is now in a 4 week Board & Train Program with a well-known Dallas Trainer.

    Requirements of Chochise
  • 1. dog experience; with a background in positive training methods is a plus
  • 2.Moderate to large backyard with room to play
  • 3. 2 to 3 30 minute walks per day, period. Poor weather, late for work, or saying I'm too busyARE NOT EXCUSES for missing walks. The walks are important to Cochise and give him structured (outside time) with his human
  • 4. Specific super premium dry food. He has some specific allergies which have been alleviated by feeding him specific food
  • 5. On-going training instruction to be provided by SRT. These protocols must be adhered to without exception to assure Cochise will continue his progress
  • 6.On site visits by SRT staff to assess his progress
  • 7.A written narrative by each prospectiveadopter describing activities they will include Cochise in, types of enrichment planned, typical outings, describe any structured and unstructured playtime . Include all animals and humans he will live with and the dogs he will be able to interact with in the home
  • 8.Regular updates and photographs emailed to SRT
  • 9.Three Vet References
  • 10.Three Personal References
  • 11.If any of the above are not met, SRT may demand the return of Cochise to SRT custody. All legal rights will be surrendered. There will be no refunds.
  • 12.Adopter must be within sixty miles of downtown Dallas.

  • Serious Inquiries Only. Cochise is ready for adoption. He is very "mentally active" and will need someone that can give him plenty of attention, interaction, and enrichment activities. He does not have separation anxiety, but always prefers to be with his human, and not left alone for long periods. Cochise is an amazing and unique opportunity for the right person who is also committed to his future development. To assure Cochise gets the maximum benefit from his rehabilitation and training at Samoyed Rescue of Texas, Post-Adoption Home Visits will be made by a member of the SRT staff to assure continuation of his training protocols.

    You can contact us at steve@samoyedtexas.com
    You can contact us(SRT) at samrestx@yahoo.com

Who We Are

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is a non-profit specific breed rescue, assistance, adoption, rehabilitation, and education organization. We are located in Dallas/Fort Worth. Our primary area is Texas, however we will consider out of state adoptions if resources allow, and certain requirements are met.

SRT relies completely on private donations, public support, and money raised through fundraising efforts. Our volunteers, supporters, and members represent all aspects of living with Samoyed�s, such as rescue, agility, rally, obedience, conformation showing, herding, weight pull, carting, skijoring, and just having a Samoyed as a best friend. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

What We Do

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is dedicated to the protection and general welfare of Purebred Samoyed�s, and strong Samoyed mixes. Our organization consists solely of volunteer�s that love the Samoyed breed, and work tirelessly to ensure that every Samoyed in need finds the best possible permanent home. We provide social rehabilitation, training, foster care homes, breed education, and assist people who want a Samoyed companion.

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is a �Recognized Affiliate� of National Samoyed Rescue, http://www.samoyedrescue.org, a group of thirteen regional Samoyed Rescue organizations across the United States and Canada, dedicated to the Samoyed breed. National Samoyed Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable Trust.