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SRT's 2018 "Happy Tails" video is now online! Click to see some of our heartwarming before/after adoption stories!


PUPPY MILL RAID – White Fire Kennels, Mason City, Iowa

Adorable, fluffy puppies. Hungry, thirsty, neglected, scared. Dozens of them. Animal rescuers arriving at the scene of this crime steadied their own emotions as they once again faced the cruelty humans can be capable of. Puppies with their malnourished mothers and fathers, all in an open-sided fenced “pole barn” in Iowa. And multiples cramped into crates meant for one dog.

Nearly 170 dogs, all Samoyeds, were rescued from these appalling conditions at the White Fire Kennel – a puppy mill – in Northern Iowa on Monday, November 12, 2018. They are all safe and being cared for now. But they need our help on the road to a happy, forever home. 

The raid followed months of investigation into the puppy mill and its owner. And there is much legal work yet to come as the case slowly works its way through the legal process.

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, Inc. (SRT) is one of four Samoyed rescue groups that has been most involved from the beginning. We socialized and rehabbed six puppies from this puppy mill over the summer and they are now in loving, FURever homes in Texas and Oklahoma. Samoyed rescues across the country last summer began rescuing some the estimated 300 Sammy’s. The rescues include San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, Samoyed Rescue of Texas, Samoyed Rescue of Utah, Samoyed Rescue of Southern California, Northwest Samoyed Rescue, Denver Samoyed Rescue, & NTSR. These rescues combined to save 83 Sammy’s. The Humane Society of Northern Iowa, (HSNI) took in 40. NISA and St. Louis Samoyed rescues took in 5 from HSNI in Mason City, Iowa, (included in the 40 HSNI rescued). This amounted to 123 Sam’s being rescued months before the seizure!!! Approximately two months ago Jayne with San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, assisted by Samoyed Rescue of Texas, continued with planning to save the remaining Sam’s. Jayne made an impassioned plea to the Samoyed rescues that helped previously to help rescue the remaining Sam’s. Those that answered the call to take in more dogs were: 

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue

Samoyed Rescue of Texas

Samoyed Rescue of Southern California

Samoyed Rescue of Utah

The ASPCA has committed to releasing Samoyeds from the seizure to these four groups. We couldn’t share much information due to the on-going criminal investigation in Iowa.

We have committed to taking in another 10 Sammy’s now, and hopefully 5-10 more very soon afterwards. The support of our Family & Friends is going to be critical in helping these dogs. SRT is a small rescue, with a big heart and the best supporters!

We desperately need Adopters, Fosters in the DFW area, and volunteers. A huge need we will have when the kids arrive is for someone to help at the boarding facility in the Lakewood area of East Dallas until they get in Foster Homes. Walking, playing, socializing, etc. We need volunteers to donate time. And, of course, we also need money to pay for medical care, boarding, food, etc.

Right now, we need FOSTER HOMES!!! Donate if you can…100% of our donations are spent saving Sammy’s. If you can’t donate, NO WORRIES! You can be a VOLUNTEER!

The following is mostly reprinted from our friends at San Francisco Samoyed Rescue         


“At the end of January, National Samoyed Rescue was contacted by the Humane Society of Northern Iowa in regard to a large number of Samoyeds that had been surrendered to their facility. They were reaching out for help. San Francisco Samoyed Rescue president Jayne Kruse contacted the shelter manager directly offering SFSR’s assistance. The shelter needed help placing the influx of Samoyeds they were receiving from an out-of-control commercial Samoyed breeder in Iowa.

At the beginning of February, Jayne made her initial trip to the North Iowa Humane Society to evaluate the first group of dogs. We committed to orchestrating the logistics for SFSR and a few other Samoyed rescues to vet the dogs and place them in loving forever homes. The shelter manager and SFSR have been working closely since February to try and get this horrible situation rectified and get the proper authorities involved.  

All the rescues involved were asked to limit general information to the public as a legal investigation was pursued. That is why we haven’t been very vocal about this situation except to our adoptive families. Investigations such as these, conducted properly, take time. The local sheriff’s department started the investigation, but when they realized the magnitude and number of dogs involved, the ASPCA was called in to assist in September.

The results of this investigation came to fruition on November 12, 2018, as 170 Samoyed dogs and 3 cats have been confiscated and are being given medical attention. The group of three Samoyed rescues listed above, being led by SFSR, have become ASPCA partners. We will now work together to ensure a brighter future for these babies.

We need your help to continue our efforts. Please support us by becoming volunteers and by donating. Every dollar counts.” 

Please donate today if you can @ www.samoyedtexas.org  , or just click on our Facebook Donate button, www.facebook.com/SamoyedRescueofTexas



These six litter-mates were rescued from horrendous conditions at a facility in Northern Iowa. Six regional Samoyed Rescues across the United States have rescued a great majority of the Sammy's, with a handful going to other Sam Rescues. In February the number of dogs was reported to be about 300. Many have since been saved, but around 200 remain.

We can't discuss many details due to there being several Federal and Local agencies, a s well as many rescues involved in helping these kids find homes. Most of the puppies ranged from fearful, to extremely fearful, having essentially no socialization, or contact with other dogs or humans.

Approximately 100 hours were spent in Rehabilitation, socialization, and grooming to help get these sweet puppies ready for their Forever Homes as quickly as possible. They are all now in very awesome homes, finally learning to be "puppies", and have fun. Preparations are underway now to receive some adult Sam's, and puppies in the very near future.

  • More Recent Adoptions:

    COCHISE - Our big Wild & Crazy Goofball finally found the perfect home!! After about seven months of extensive rehab, training, and socialization he has his very own pack. His new best friend is the family's teenage daughter. Every day he anxiously awaits her return from school. He loves everyone and is constantly inventing new games to play. All who have met Cochise know what a special, unique, and loving boy he really is. Thank you to all the helped us with this kind soul. Very proud of you Big Guy!

    KIMO SABE - Another Samoyed Mix of the "Big, Lovable Goofball" model. The Sulphur Springs shelter originally called our friends at Texas Wolfdog Project about Kimo Sabe, (he was labeled as a Wolfdog). Texas Wolfdog Project asked SRT if we could help with an evaluation for him. I went to see him, and could tell immediately there was no Wolfdog in this kid.. just more Goofball! He had been living behind the bowling alley in Sulphur Springs, Texas for most of his young life, (he was only about a year old). The shelter could not change the Wolfdog tag on him, and he was out of time. SRT agreed to rescue him. Due to the "Wolfdog" label on him SRT submitted an Embark DNA test, which confirmed our beliefs; No Wolf. His ancestry showed he was Alaskan Malamute, German Shepard, Husky, Akita, and yes...SAMOYED! ??

    He was probably best described as an 80#, very happy, playful, and totally out of control puppy. With some much-appreciated help from Canine Behaviorist/Trainer Amy Felts, we designed a Board & Train program for Kimo Sabe. We introduced him to our pack and worked with him in our home for several months. He made great progress. There was never a dull moment; he is a very smart boy.

    Kimo Sabe was adopted to a nice home next to White Rock Lake, and all was fine until there was a slight disagreement with the cat. Even though he was only "playing" with the cat, a small amount of kitty fur in his front teeth was enough to send him back to SRT. Our goofball got some, much needed "refresher courses" from Uncle Steve.

    It always works out in the end...and in early May he found his new home. A Dad that plays frisbee golf, and a Mom that runs every day. Lots of activities!!! I spent a great deal of time with this kid and miss him often. I will enjoy our future reunions!

    CHIEF - A stunning Samoyed/Husky mix that was in Commerce, Texas Animal Shelter. As cute as he is, this shelter had very little public traffic, and no one ever really saw him. He was out of time. A very sweet temperament, this boy just wants attention, and someone to play with. Bree Russell, one of SRT's amazing Board Members in Fort Worth, TX agreed to foster Chief. It was not very long before it was apparent that Chief wasn’t going anywhere.

    Haaaa! Welcome to the Failed Foster Club! Chief spends much of his time now lounging poolside in the sun; or taking upside down naps on the cool couch. Life is good!

    PEARL - Her known history began with Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017. She was caught up in the record-breaking flooding that plagued Houston, Texas. Pearl was found abandoned in a garage with 30 other dogs in crates. The flood waters were literally rising, with already a few inches of water in the bottom crates. She was saved by a Houston family, which already had several dogs. Pearl was very scared, confused, and was not faring well with the other dogs. She was taken to a Houston shelter and surrendered, with thee days to live. Jade was volunteering for a friends GSD Rescue group and was at the shelter when she saw Pearl. A shelter worker told Jade she was being euthanized at 5:30 that day. Jade instead evaluated Pearl, and immediately took her home, with about two hours to spare. The GSD Rescue then transferred Pearl to SRT. It goes to show you how so many more dogs can be saved when rescues work together. Miss Pearl is a very sweet girl, who warmed up very quickly. She was a pleasure to work with, and an amazing girl. Pearl found her Forever Home in Overland Park, Kansas.

    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DOGS: Please refer to our Facebook Page for daily updates on Available Dogs, www.facebook.com/SamoyedRescueofTexas

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    Click here to find us at https://www.facebook.com/SamoyedRescueofTexas
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    Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus Rescue Referral Program, all Samoyed Rescue of Texas adopters receive a coupon good for 25% off your first purchase! If you buy $200 dollars worth of stuff, you get $50 dollars off! Aroooooooo Wooooo!!!

You can contact us (SRT) at steve@samoyedtexas.com

Who We Are

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is a non-profit specific breed rescue, assistance, adoption, rehabilitation, and education organization. We are located in Dallas/Fort Worth. Our primary area is Texas, however we will consider out of state adoptions if resources allow, and certain requirements are met.

SRT relies completely on private donations, public support, and money raised through fundraising efforts. Our volunteers, supporters, and members represent all aspects of living with Samoyed's, such as rescue, agility, rally, obedience, conformation showing, herding, weight pull, carting, skijoring, and just having a Samoyed as a best friend. We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

What We Do

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is dedicated to the protection and general welfare of Purebred Samoyed's, and strong Samoyed mixes. Our organization consists solely of volunteers that love the Samoyed breed, and work tirelessly to ensure that every Samoyed in need finds the best possible permanent home. We provide social rehabilitation, training, foster care homes, breed education, and assist people who want a Samoyed companion.

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, inc. is a Recognized Affiliate of National Samoyed Rescue, http://www.samoyedrescue.org, a group of thirteen regional Samoyed Rescue organizations across the United States and Canada, dedicated to the Samoyed breed. National Samoyed Rescue is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable Trust.